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Newly Renovated Equipment Room

We are so excited to unveil our newly renovated equipment room! New floors were installed. A secure door accessing the arena was added so staff can easily walk equipment out during sessions. Equipment, including some items from our Amazon wishlist, was hung up and organized. This new space is an integral step toward completing our new addition at the barn. The addition will provide clients an ADA accessible restroom and a dedicated therapy gym. Thank you to Briarfield Stables LLC for donating much of the equipment room materials and Ortie Nedley for his carpentry work.

All of this is possible thanks to our supporters! We are thankful that in just two short seasons we have grown from a very part-time clinic to a full-time operation. We take pride in our work which allows our clients to transform, grow and meet their goals on the back of a horse. Donations can be made on our website at Thank you!


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